A Rock Painters Life ... My Public Journal

Not always in the studio

This was a memorable day painting with my plein air art friends and my son.


  1. Hi Again! I've been busy!I am still getting commissions from my Applewood Arts show last November! The future will be more art world, YAY!
    Esty shop, social media, Applewood Arts in Nov., Art in the Park in Aug, and now The French Nest Market in Fort Collins for three weekends in the Summer! I just finished a ~2.5' stone of a cougar head which lead to a new commission of an ~8' mural on four panals! Pictures to be posted shortly.

  2. Call to action: Post if you are interested,then I see my followers.:) There are several options to post as, I find it easiest to post as Name/URL or Anonymous, but any of the others are welcome too of course.